Shark, Whale and Hotdogs in Iceland

Icelandic Food

Shark, whale and hotdogs..

Hákarl (Rotten shark)

Hákarl is a national dish in Iceland and is prepared by curing the shark with a particular fermented process, followed by hanging to dry for four to five months. What do you expect a shark to taste like? Yes… this is why shark is not sold everywhere in the world. It literally tastes like hair dye or bleach. You would be deeply disappointed in a restaurant if you were expecting a tasty meal, I could barely eat it! However, if you are interested in trying it without having to pay an arm and a leg! Go to the Kolaportid Flea Market held every Saturday and Sunday in Reykjavik. You can purchase a tiny tub of hákarl in the market for only 200ISK. Which is perfect to get your fill of shark!

* The Kolaportid Flea Market is indoors which is suitable for all weather.



The Best Hotdog in Iceland (Even the locals thinks so!)

Hot dogs are probably the cheapest food (ready-made) that you can purchase in Reykjavik, a hot dog could be around £2.50/3. You can purchase them in most petrol stations around Iceland, which is common for people to live off on week road trips around the country.  I tried a few hotdogs in the petrol stations, they offer a good range of sauces and the option of both raw and cooked onions. I also ate at one petrol station which offered potato salad which was actually pretty tasty! The petrol stations were generally good tasty hot dogs, but can be a hit and miss sometimes. A small hot dog van named Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, is located off the main shopping street Laugavegur. There was a line when we visited the stand, it’s very small with only two workers. The hot dog was nice, larger than other hot dogs I had tried, it was tasty and good quality. The only critic was the man serving us had very long nails and was not wearing gloves, which was very unappetising to look at, while he held my hotdog.

For the diabetics, some of the hotdogs varied in size, but a general rule of thumb – a bap would have been 15/20 carbs. I did inject less when I was waiting longer between meals and planning to do more exercise.


Reykjavik Chips in Iceland   

Reykjavik chips are advertised as one of the cheap eats of Iceland. It is around £5/6 for a chip, sauce and a drink. It was small, quaint and even locals enjoyed the food. The chips are handmade with a range of different sauce options. After you receive your chips you can add many different spices which are interesting to try. The tables have holes cut out of them which are useful to set your funnel-shaped chip packet into. The only critic is there wasn’t enough! Tasty, nice and friendly place!

  • chips were about 100g so around 40/50 carbs


Eating out

We ate out at a lovely underground restaurant at the top of Laugavegur. I choose the salmon as I’ve heard all seafood in Reykjavik was delicious! My boyfriend choose the whale steak which was very interesting! It would be difficult to determine what kind of animal it was as it looks and tastes quite similar to a normal steak. Although, when you cut it open it is almost purple inside! (see picture below). The meal with two beers came to around £60, this would be the baseline price for restaurant prices in Reykjavik.

carbs – 3 small hash browns and sauces about 20carbs


Dirty Burgers & Ribs

We stopped at the Dirty Burgers & Ribs fast food restaurant before we went to the airport. It was tasty, around £9 for a meal and a drink. The portions were large, I was struggling to finish the chips! If they had this fast food restaurant in Belfast I would eat at it again!

Loads of chips, I added bbq sauce and a burger bap! 60+ carbs



7 thoughts on “Shark, Whale and Hotdogs in Iceland

  1. I also tried the shark with a shot of brennivin it was awful! Glad I tried it though! Another place we loved though was Tapas Barinn, their taster menu was a great way to try traditional food 🙂


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