Global Warming is the pinnacle issue of Today

Ignorance has been bliss for too long. We know Global Warming is happening! We have all been told what fossil fuels are doing to the atmosphere, the increasing levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are continuously heating up our planet. No one wants to believe it or even understand the extent of the problem. This is the biggest problem of our generation, the century, and it is happening right now!

I’d always thought everyone knew climate change was an issue, as a child I was taught about recycling, and now I see the evolution of wind turbines and solar panels. But what has really woken me up was Leonardo DiCapro’s documentary ‘Before the Flood’. How could the majority of America’s population not believe in climate change? Even at that, how have they just elected a president who believes Global Warming is a conspiracy invented by the Chinese?

In the last five years, hundreds of cubic kilometres of ice stored on land that has now gone into the sea. The sea water is rising and the continuous global weather disasters are increasing. If you haven’t seen it in your country, I’m sure you have seen it on the news or in a country close by!

I love travelling around the world and enjoying new cultures. A common observation when I travel home from any country is the beautiful green fields around Northern Ireland when the plane is landing. The idea that Europe could become increasingly colder, and that grass could stop growing is a disturbing thought. (Often misconstrued fact of Global Warming is that Europe will become colder as the temperature rises).

Numerous scientists have come to this conclusion, and have warned us for decades that this is an impending issue. The ultimate fear is that we are too late to reverse our damages. But you know what stands in our way the most, who hold the real power in the world ….. Politicians. The world is run by politics and it is a sobering statement that makes you feel powerless to the fact. This problem feels so much bigger than just you or me. However, the documentary offered some tips on how changing your lifestyle which could help complete your personal social responsibility to saving Earth. I’ve put them together in an Infographic.

I have felt a real sense of urgency and hopelessness that my small efforts wouldn’t change anything! But as a collective, who knows what we can do!



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