What to do in Mullaghmore, County Sligo.

Mullaghmore, Co.Sligo, Ireland


Currency: Euros

Travel: From Belfast to Mullaghmore by car takes 2hrs 25mins

Stayed: Piers Head Hotel


We are a young couple in our early 20’s. My mother bought me a voucher for a weekend away at the Piers Head. We went in April 2017.


  1. Mullaghmore Coast

– It’s simply beautiful and so peaceful! There is a very long clean beach, you are warned that there is an active farm beside. Sometimes the cows wonder onto the beach, however I didn’t see any.  There is also a circular coastal road which people can walk or drive around, it has fantastic views of the ocean and cliffs. One more observation about Mullaghmore that everyone makes when they arrive. As you drive into Mullaghmore you will see a big beautiful castle on the hill, unfortunately, someone lives in the house. It’s actually a private property, I wouldn’t recommend turning up at this person’s door.



  1. Piers Heads Spa & Leisure Centre
  • A great hotel, we had a beautiful view of the harbour from our room (see photo below). Our voucher included a free breakfast each morning (I’m not too sure if all stays include breakfast) and it was the usual hotel breakfast buffet fry. Very filling! The leisure Centre was equipped with a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gym. We were there at an off-peak season, so there was no one else using the leisure facilities when we were using them.





  1. Offshore watersports (apparently there are activities such as snorkling, paddle boarding, scuba diving, sea kayaking, fishing or coastering)


I called the local scuba diving coordinator, however he didn’t reply to my voicemail.


  1. Bundoran
  • Bundoran is a very short drive away. It’s a very family-friendly town will lots of different activities for kids. A very popular destination for a seaside holiday. You can get very thick ice-cream in the little shop on the beach!
  1. Eat at Ethnia’s by the Sea

Very good service, delicious food and a great view. I ordered the steak and my partner had the lobster. We were in a food coma after the meal! You can only order wine from the restaurant however, they offered to run over to the piers head if you wanted a pint. It is quite pricey by I would definitely return.







The road from Mullaghmore to Sligo has lots of hidden treasures. We stopped at a small farmers market on the Saturday which was on the side of the road. We also stopped at the Glencar Waterfall, which is located in a beautiful valley!

Coach Lane at Donaghy’s

Once we arrived we reviewed trip advisor to see where the best place to eat in Sligo is. We decided upon Coach Lane at Donaghy’s. It was a Friday and we hadn’t made a reservation. Even though they were very busy, Donaghy’s squeezed us in! My partner had the fish platter and I had the Irish lamb. It was delicious! There was alot of meat on the lamb. We would definitely return next time in Sligo. It was good service, perfectly poured pints and delicious food. Although I would strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment, we were there in April on a Friday and it was still very business. Ohh and there was also complimentary bread for starter with a tasty sauce we couldn’t get enough off!




Overall, Mullaghmore is a beautiful place to say. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a party location. As there were only two places to drink in Mullaghmore and only had live music for one night (Saturday). It’s a very peaceful location but possibly better for a day trip than a weekend stay, unless you are in good company (like I was 🙂 ).




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