Welcome to AlexBetesTravel

Welcome to AlexBetesTravel


There are two things I research constantly online:

1. My Next Travel Destination

2. And as a T1D, the number of carbs in my food.

I’ve always found researching travel locations online, often blogs and articles, are limited to one or two features of a country and aren’t as comprehensive as I would like. Therefore leading me deep into 5 hours of research with 60 tabs open in my web browser. I thought I might as well put all my research into something I can refer to again. Hopefully this blog will provide you with thorough information about each country I visit, what to expect, and the real tourist facts you need to know – and possibly stop you making rookie tourist mistakes costing you money!

Secondly, with every Travel blog post, I’ve created a diabetic travel diary with tips on how to keep your blood sugar low. Giving you a gauge on the exercise and food to expect in each country.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Alex x


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